Water is the most important component in a detox diet plan. Start your day with six glasses of water, even before you brush your teeth. Then, throughout the day, remember to sip water but do not drink water during your meals. Stop drinking water 30 minutes prior to your meals and start again after 1 to 2 hours after meals. Should you wish, you can add few drops of lemon juice (natural) in the water you drink.

Drinking water will take a couple of weeks to become a part of your daily routine.  Start gradually! But this is the most important factor. Drinking water can help you not only to cleanse your body, but also help to eliminate numerous illnesses.

Brushing at Nightteeth-300

We need to brush our teeth twice a day. And, brushing at night immediately after your last meal is crucial to maintain good health. Remember to gargle sufficiently enough to get rid of the tooth paste completely after each brushing session. De-flossing or using a water jet based system to cleanse your teeth and gums will go a long way in ensuring health since mouth is the doorway to food.

Chewing Properlyeat-300

We need to chew 15 to 30 times! Slow down! each portion has to be taken with complete control and awareness. Digestion starts in our mouth, well chewed food will begin breaking down before it reaches our stomach. This will help us in many ways, like reducing overal quantity we consume, eliminates gas and associated gastric issues.


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